Make A Request

I’d love to turn your fantasies in to 3D reality. There isn’t really any topic I consider too taboo, so don’t be shy! Here is a quick little breakdown on how to get the request process started.

My Current Prices


$10  1 sexy pinup pose with clothed and nude variations.
$50  6 sexy pinup poses.
$100 12 sexy pinup poses.

$25  1 x-rated image (up to 4 characters) with cum shot variation.
$50  3 x-rated images (same scene and up to 4 characters).
$100 6 x-rated images (same scene and up to 4 characters).
$150 12 x-rated images (same scene and up to 4 characters).

Discussing Your Idea With Me

Please use a valid return address and make sure you whitelist from your spam folder.

    Payment Methods


    When you’re ready to make a request, sign up to either the $5, $10, or $20 membership tier on my SubscribeStar. Once subscribed, leave me a tip in the agreed upon amount for your request.

    Notes: You can subtract your SubscribeStar membership fee from the final price of the request. For example… If you’re in the $10 tier and make a $50 request, you only need to tip me $40.

    Crypto Currency

    Contact me using the form above. After discussing your idea and agreeing upon on the currency and amount, I’ll give you my wallet address. Upon confirmation of payment, I’ll start your project ASAP. Final product can be delivered to an email address or uploaded to a file hoster for download.

    People who pay with BTC or ETH will get a 10% discount on requests.